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6 Benefits to Adding a Wall in a Bathroom

Posted on: July 19th, 2015 by Alison Hodd

Let’s face it – bathrooms can often feel cramped. There is often not enough floor space for a couple to get ready at the same time. So the last thing you may be thinking when designing a washroom is adding a wall. We are conditioned to believe that walls will make our spaces feel smaller and more cramped. But the judicious use of walls – full, pony, and partial – can help make your washroom feel larger and work better. Here’s how:

Bathroom with walll

1)  A wall provides privacy for the toilet area when a full water closet (W/C) isn’t possible.

Toilet privacy can make the difference between being a couple tending to their ablutions in their shared washroom at the same time or not. And more importantly, it improves the sightlines. Most of us don’t want to be in bed and look at a toilet when the washroom door is left open. Taking care to tuck toilets away is a sign of a well designed washroom.

Bathroom 6

2) A wall can create a natural nook for a tub

Placing the tub between two walls can provide a more intimate spot for a bathtub. It allows towels to be within easy reach and can improve the balance and symmetry of the space.


Bathroom 2

3) When a sink vanity is tucked in a corner, adding a wall provides a spot for lighting, electrical outlets, and/or hand towels.

The advantage of this wall is that a built-in vanity will look more symmetrical and it alleviates congestion on the mirror wall. Without an extra side wall, lighting, electrical outlets and towels must be on the mirror wall. This wall can get cluttered-looking easily.


Bathroom 4

4) Creates an in-wall medicine cabinet

A built-in medicine cabinet allows the user to be able to have the cabinet ajar while they are using products from the cabinet, aiding in a clutter-free countertop. Also, a large mirror on a double-vanity wall helps to bounce available light around a small room.


Bathroom 3

5) Connects a tub and a shower

A half-wall made of sheetrock and clad with stone and upper glass creates a pleasing bridge between a tub and a shower. Many times a tub and a shower won’t fit in a small bathroom and joining them this way maximizes the available light.


Bathroom 5

6) Allows for niches when room for a true linen closet is lacking

Walls allow for attactive niches for display and towels. Many homes have small linen closets full of bed linen so the washroom’s job is to store the clean towels. As you can see here shelves hold folded towels and decorative items. This type of shelving can be a good investment as framing is generally more economical than custom millwork.


Don’t let your designer’s mention of a wall scare you. It can be a great way to get a custom look without breaking the bank.

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