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The Four Reasons My Hairy December Held Great Meaning

Posted on: December 31st, 2013 by Alison Hodd
Enjoying a read together

Enjoying a read together

Coming from a long line of Women Who Overdo Christmas, means the month of December’s hairy.  Some expectations I put unfairly on myself, and other expectations I probably hoist onto others.  Concerts, choirs, dance recitals, parades, indoor decorating, tree trimming, outdoor decorating, baking, shopping, wrapping, card-making, family calendar making, family picture taking, (+ 3 family birthday partied I hosted!) and cooking.

Needless to say amongst the excitement and singing; the fresh mantel greens, child-safe flicker candles, and custom wreaths, there are hits and misses.

This year, a few things didn’t go accordingly to plan:

  • Sickness struck our eldest daughter Christmas Eve at 2pm. Spaghetti and cranberry juice  re-entered  the atmosphere.   Her bed mattress and cream custom cut broadloom rug are new – in theory.
  • Four breakables broke.  One a mug I chose for my Mom at One of A Kind.  Two, three and four are a set of ceramic dishes that came crashing down on my foot last night.  Wedding gifts.
  • Doll decapitation on Christmas morning. My husband thought the string on the back of the dolls heads’ was extraneous packing.  It was not.  Like Hydro Lineworkers, Santa and his elves are on the job day and night to reattach.
  • The black out.  We lost power like hundreds of thousands of other Canadians.  Seeing as we had a special dinner with friends planned the first night, and our babysitters – my parents – were also powerless, we elected to check into a hotel  – with a pool!   Only upon check-in did we learn the pool was closed.  Many of our friends couldn’t make the dinner as the driving wasn’t safe for their sitters’.
  • Three days before Christmas a dear child we were caring for had an allergic reaction in our home.  Her father met us at the Emergency room.  She’s fine.  We were shaken.

You have your own list.  Here’s the thing.  It was a month of great meaning.  In fact, it was hard to recall the things that went wrong.

What did I love most about Christmas this year?

  • My husband’s Mom joined us for four days over Christmas.  In the past 20 months she lost her father and her husband.  I loved having her share the celebrations and traditions we have with my family.
  • The ice storm – while disastrous for many – created a magical world outside our front door.  The beauty of the ice wrapped around each branch was exquisite.
  • Our daughters are both young enough to believe in Santa and old enough to express their wonder.
  • Friends who live far came back.  Looking into their faces and telling them how much I love seeing them is delightful.

What about you?  Is December hairy?


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