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Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Trailer: Do the sets work?

Posted on: July 24th, 2014 by Alison Hodd

As a reader of Fifty Shades of Grey I know what the sets are to look like. Exactly.

This is because I designed and decorated them already in my mind’s eye. Do you do that when reading a book? I picture the characters, of course, but where I have the most fun is imagining the spaces they occupy.  And in the case after EL James’ three erotic romance novels later the picture is clear.  Read on to see what I thought of the set decoration via the movie trailer. The Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Trailer is here.

1. The Front Desk at Grey Enterprises is Morgue-like

Concrete, glass, steel and florescent lighting reflecting off the back-painted glass. Hmmm. This is far more clinical and institutional than I imagined. I thought it would have had more warmer masculine touches. I imagine the vibe is frosty cold but the concrete slab and the hospital garb-coloured letters seem a little too medical cold. Surgery anyone? (Is is just me or does Anastasia remind you of Anne Hathaway in “The Devil Wears Prada” here. Kinda disheveled in a blue sweater. No? Never mind.)


Anastasia approaches desk to Interview Christian

Anastasia approaches desk to Interview Christian (is he her soul mate?)












2. Christian’s Office is Awesomely Mammoth and Surprisingly Eclectic

The spotless shiny marble floor, massive expanse of unadorned windows and touches of wood were expected. The combination of money tree, Cubist wood sculpture and oversized wooden spool (or are they Lincoln Logs?) seem at odds with each other. Perhaps they are intended to demonstrate his diverse appetite for …ahem…art. The ivory leather furniture with glass tables is predictable. Snore. I do wish there was more colour like they use in “The Good Wife”.

Side Note: In real life, the acoustic quality of this room would be unbearable. Without fabric, rugs or window treatments to absorb sound you would need to shout at the person across from you to be heard.  Of course on set they are work around this with mics and acoustical panels to prevent echoing.


Anastasia Interviewing Christian Grey

Anastasia Interviewing Christian Grey












3. Christian’s Guest Bedroom Surprises

Question. Was his guest room this feminine in the book? The pretty lines on the bed frame combined with the deep tufting on the velvet and the floral De Gournay wallpaper behind are distinctly girly.  What is up with the vanity in the corner? More pretty please? And did the room need to be grey?


Anastasia wakes up in Christian's Guest Bedroom

Anastasia wakes up in Christian’s Guest Bedroom












4. Christian’s Parents Dining Room Looks Dated

I imagined his parents home feeling more up-to-date. This disappointed me. I know, I know, it’ supposed to be so boring that Christian has nothing else to do but put his hand up her skirt. Yah, yah. I crave interior design porn folks! Satisfy me Set Decorators! One of them is Sandy Walker from Vancouver, B.C. (a Canadian – yeah!) and the other is Sandy Reynolds, Multiple award winner in Set Design including a favourite of mine – The Royal Tennenbaums.

Let’s talk Window Treatments: Roman shades layered over inset mount sheers. Is this a thing? Never seen it before.  If you have please fill me in on it’s functional and/or aesthetic value. #lovetolearn


Anastasia and Christian at Dinner at his parents' home

Anastasia and Christian at Dinner at his parents’ home












5. Christian’s Hallway Delights

This is what I’m looking for! Thank you Sandys! Clean, modern interiors with delicate reveals, soft wall wash lighting, back lighting and a combination of pale colours and warm woods. This closer to how I imagined his loft.


Christian Grey's Hallway

Christian Grey’s Hallway













From a literary viewpoint, it’s a super-trashy highly addictive page-turner. And Christian is a creepy stalker, austere man-child. But don’t let that stop you from letting it take you away. Will you see the movie? Did you read the book? Please leave a comment!












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