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Service 1
For the DIY homeowner ready to take that next home-improvement step.

Painting your home isn’t rocket science. Figuring out a furniture plan isn’t necessarily tricky either. But if the paint colour is off or you’ve invested in the wrong size of furniture — well, there goes a whole weekend, maybe even a mortgage payment. You’ve made a couple of bad choices and now you’re dragging your heels about all those nagging home improvement projects because you’re afraid to make another costly or time-consuming mistake. Sound familiar? If so, this intensive 2-hour session is for you. I’ll come to your home and help you make smart decisions for all your top priority design, décor and colour decisions, leaving you the confidence to invest quickly and wisely.

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Done for Me
Interior Design & Project Management

Services 2
For the homeowner, business owner, developer or builder looking to get the design and execution of beautiful, hard-working spaces off their plate and onto ours.

You’re ready to take a room, a space or a whole home and just get. It. Done. But you’re overwhelmed. Where do I start? How long will it take? What will it look like in the end? And how much will it cost? You need answers and my step-by-step signature offering is for you. This is my most popular service because I get your project done for you — on time and on budget. Plus, I guarantee the results. It all starts with an initial two-hour consultation where we work together to determine priorities and define the scope of work. Then we set up Trade Day with our A-Team of tradespeople and professionals who come to your space to collect the information they need to accurately quote on the project — you don’t even need to be there! Soon, we’ll reveal your fully styled space with a completed project binder in hand. It’s design nirvana. And it’s all done for you.

Projects typically take 3 to 12 months from beginning to completion but small styling projects where most of the furniture has been purchased already can take less time.

And the best part? I’ll share my designer discounts for trades furniture and fabrics with you!

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VIP Design
Day Package

Services 3
For the décor TV and magazine junkie who knows what they like but wants access to my designer tools, trade resources and brain.

You know your Mike Holmes from your Bryan Baeulmer and Sarah Richardson from Candice Olson. When it comes to home design you’re savvy — you just need a bit of help. Maybe you’ve made some headway with a design project or two, but now you’re stuck. Your space has the potential to look like it’s jumped off the pages of a magazine, if only you had access to trade-only resources and a well-trained eye to keep you on track. With your budget in mind, we start by meeting at your home for a one hour home visit to review your goals for the space. Then with caffeine and a boxed lunch in hand we drive off together spending up to seven hours shopping at all my favourite haunts. You tell me what you want and I arrange purchasing, scheduling and administer delivery. This option is a great way to get the designer look fast and with fixed design fees.

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